Business & Biers

Business & Biers with Bonner

Monday, April 19th, 2021 @ 6:00pm

TOPIC: You’re about to graduate college, now what?

This “Round Table” small group discussion will focus on the following:

Starting a business | Business plans and research | Potential customers
Sales | Marketing | Financing options | Partnerships

This will be held in the upstairs bar event room at Bier Haus Lubbock 
2009 Broadway, Lubbock TX 79401

Space is limited – 20 people max. RSVP your spot below! 

RSVP by Friday, April 16 to reserve your spot at the table! 

Photo from the meeting on July 1st.

More on Business & Biers with Bonner:

Eager to level up in the business world? Curious about embracing risk in the real world with real obstacles? You’ve read about grit and determination – now we invite you to come to discuss and learn real-world strategies to implement some forward motion in your entrepreneurial career. Come share some time, space, and delectable brews with Tommy Bonner, owner of Bier Haus – you’re invited to come exactly as you are, insecurities, quandaries, and uncertainty in hand for your future in business. All Ages*!

Let’s unpack that baggage! We’ll talk about real-world strategies for life improvement, from the ground up, to move past dwelling on the lack and difficulty we all struggle with in life, motivation, money…and instead, focus on real-world, proven ways to capitalize on the unique strengths you’ve got to propel you to better success. Tommy Bonner is a serial entrepreneur skilled in colorful language, overcoming challenges, embracing risk, and connecting with the community. This is your chance to tap a valuable resource that can change your mood, your month, or the trajectory of your path!

No consultation fees, no hidden charges, no ulterior motives…just a business-loving family man eager to improve your life, your skills, and our community with a leg-up for motivated folks here in the Lubbock we all know and love.

* must be 21+ to purchase alcoholic beverages


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