Our Mexican Lagers

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The best part of imported beers is that you get to be transported to the taste of another country without even leaving your seat. Mexican lagers offer a refreshing after finish that leave you satisfied and relaxed as if you’re on vacation. At Bier Haus, we offer seven Mexican Lagers that pair perfectly with a squeeze of lime and some of our delicious menu items.


To really make your Corona “pop” add in some salt and a lime wedge. Order one of our signature burgers to pair with this refreshing beer.

Dos XX:

A popular brand and a favorite among many, Dos XX is best paired with hot day and friends. Order a round of nachos for the table and enjoy.


A light-blonde with a clean and light taste. Crisp with a refreshing aftertaste, order with our fresh shrimp tacos.

Negra Modelo:

Rich, smooth and dark with a toasty aroma. This beer will pair well with our Grilled Cheese with Bacon.




A bright beer that is sure to put a smile on your face after the first sip. French Fries piled high with Cheese, Pico, Guacamole, and Ground Beef is our recommendation to get with a Sol.


A nice carbonation paired with a hint of lime and grape. Order our house made fish and chips and enjoy a relaxing afternoon.

Neato Bandito:

A light beer that can bring summertime into any month. With winter fast approaching a Neato Bandito is the perfect lager to bring those warm weather vibes. Neato Bandito pairs well with our Tuna Poke with chili flakes and compliments the spicy bite from the chili.



Make no mistake! These lagers are good any time of the year. Come in soon and see how these beers and food pair, and share some combinations of your own. How do you drink your Mexican Lagers?


As always, leave us tips for other beers and we’ll see what we can do!

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