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Summer Beers at Bier Haus and Their Best Food Pairings

We all know a nice cold beer is even nicer with some hearty food. Here at Bier Haus Lubbock we’re always searching for the best beers to pair great with our take on New American food. We’ve got anything from hot chicken to pork belly on a famous juicy hamburger. And what goes best with a hamburger? A beer for sure. We have 8 beers on draft at all times as well as over 55 other beer options. Today we wanted to share some of our favorite beers to drink with any kind of meal at Bier Haus. You just can’t go wrong with these!

1. Deep Ellum Lager

This light body, earthy, and floral beer is made with rye malt flavor. Would pair great with our hot chicken or loaded fries.

2. Celis Raspberry

A great option for a hot, summer day. Pairs great with one of our sandwiches as this Belgian-style fruited beer has the perfect balance of tart and sweet.

3. Celis White

Sister to the raspberry option above and perfect for the folks who aren’t raspberry fans. This is balanced with light maltiness and wheat with a little citrus and spice. The Celis White would pair fantastic with our FOLC or lamb burger.

4. Mango Whit

Last but not least, a refreshing and bright beer that’s perfect for those leaning towards a salad or here for just chips and salsa. This beer tastes great in the heat with its smooth touches of lemon and mango.

Tell us your favorite Bier Haus food and beverage combo!

Come on in today to enjoy one of these summer beers and grab a bite to eat.
Did you know our Chef Luis has been cooking for over 20 years and was born and raised in Puerto Rico with history in Miami, Florida? He’s worked at many restaurants in San Antonio and was winner of Texas Monthly’s Best Burger in 2016. We’ll see you soon!
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